• Why Nostalgia Sells

    Recently I have been pondering why people pay such huge premiums to live in an Estate - as opposed to a nice house in the suburbs.
  • Too Good To Be True

    It is human nature to be suspicious of something that looks 'too good to be true'. But in the property game you mustn't become so paranoid that you lose out on genuine bargains.
  • There's A Place for Us

    Let me take you way back to the mid 1980's, just after the infamous Rubicon speech, when many Johannesburg families were seriously considering packing for Perth.
  • The Best Laid Plans

    I had a reader ask about home extensions and how they can affect a potential sale. In bygone days building inspector drove around neighbourhoods looking for rubble and bricks on pavements.
  • Over 75 000 Agents Feared Lost

    You may not have read it in the headlines - but there are a whole lot of estate agents who have gone missing.
  • Not Perfect - But Has Potential

    When you first view a property there are issues that are not immediately noticed. It is only after moving in that these problems become apparent.
  • Does My Home Smell Like a Wet Dog

    Recently one of our readers asked "what should an owner do to their property to help it sell faster?"
  • Commitment, Faith & Sole Mandates

    Once upon a time a couple decided to sell their home. They had to choose whether they wanted to open it up to several different agents, or put their faith in just one and hope for the best.
  • Let's Get This Party Started

    So you are tired of paying rent (paying off someone else's bond) and want to buy your first home. So how do you get started?
  • If I'm So Wonderful Why Am I Still Single?

    In the past few weeks I have been getting the same question from our readers.
  • I Understand Agent-Speak

    After many years explaining offer-to-purchase documents I have learned quite a bit of legalese.
  • I Love Randburg in The Springtime

    In my job I meet young buyers from all over South Africa. I always take the opportunity to ask why they are looking in Randburg.
  • Being-Counter-Intuitive

    Global Warming, Identity Theft, The Zimbabwean Coup, A Nuclear North Korea - and I don't even want to get started on State Capture.
  • Get Ready For a Wild Ride

    Welcome to 2018 and all of the surprises it has in store.
  • Fetch my Anti-Depressants

    Several readers have asked what I believe the future holds for the local property market.
  • Don't Build That Hotel

    According to my readers, Randburg has a serious problem, and the municipality is doing little about it.
  • Asking the Right Questions

    When you are working with an agent for the very first time, there are some keys questions you should be asking.
  • An Alternative to Show Days

    So you have decided to sell your home. Now you have to decide if you are going to allow show days or not.
  • Agents Bloody Agents - Part 2

    Did you know that Estates Agents now come in four flavours? To make things easier, let me use the example of a small agency with let's say seven agents.
  • Agents Bloody Agents - Part 1

    Wow did I ever get feedback on the article about asking your agent the right questions.