I Love Randburg in The Springtime

In my job I meet young buyers from all over South Africa. I always take the opportunity to ask why they are looking in Randburg. More often than not it is because of the job opportunities close by. But it is also fascinating what else they mention that they find attractive about the area.

For many it seems to offer just about everything - other than an ocean of course. We take for granted that we live right at the centre of all the action. If S.A. is the economic hub of Sub-Sahara Africa, and Gauteng is economic hub of S.A. then I would venture to say that the Randburg/Sandton district is the centre of the "African Business Universe". And we have the traffic to prove it.

Within a few kilometres of anywhere in Randburg you have great schools, incredible malls and a multitude of restaurants. Medical Centres that are world-class and the Cradle Of Mankind virtually on our doorstep. One can chose from affordable properties in a variety of geographic settings. For example, think of all the townhouses and clusters available in North Riding alone. We have the panoramic views of Northcliff and the hidden gems of Randpark Ridge.

But that's not all. We further enjoy a wonderful climate - probably the best in the world. We don't suffer from the oppressive humidity of Durban, the awful winters of Cape Town, or the strong winds of Port Elizabeth. A phenomenal physical climate combined with the best business climate in the country. Now that's an intoxicating blend. If you are a young entrepreneur, with your own small business, then this is the only place to be.

Ask anyone and they will tell you there is a buzz here that you won't find anywhere else in the country - and people get addicted to it. I won't mention all the negatives because all cities have them. The bottom line is that young people flock here and stay. And then there is our immediate neighbour Fourways - an area that is destined to become a futuristic city on a hill. But much more about that later.