Too Good To Be True

It is human nature to be suspicious of something that looks 'too good to be true'. But in the property game you mustn't become so paranoid that you lose out on genuine bargains. Successful investors will tell you that 'timing is everything'. It often happens that houses come along where the owners have received a couple of offers that looked great on the surface but ended up not securing bond approval. Or where the buyers were granted a 90% bond but didn't have a deposit saved or funds for the legal fees. Eventually the seller's frustration levels build up to boiling point. In the current market it is not unusual for a house to only sell on the third or fourth offer. After so much disappointment the seller usually drops the price to sell quickly, or possibly to avoid some very unpleasant consequences. Most buyers don't understand that 'the bigger the bargain the shorter the shelf life'. They see a home that is on the market for an extremely attractive price and then they take several weeks to make up their minds. I have heard it said that the most difficult thing in life is 'deciding to decide'. The number of clients who have called me to say they want to make an offer on a house they viewed the previous month. When I tell them it is sold they usually say 'but you knew I wanted that house - how could sell it'. Well mainly because that is what the seller's pay me for - to sell their houses. If you see a house you absolutely adore, and you think the price is quite attractive, don't you think that other potential buyers might just be thinking the same thing? Unless the property is located next to a nuclear power station maybe you should just 'decide to decide' and go for it. Then in the years to come when your friends ask you what you paid for your home they will think it sounds 'too good to be true'.