Global Warming, Identity Theft, The Zimbabwean Coup, A Nuclear North Korea - and I don't even want to get started on State Capture. Tony Leon recently wrote about 'corruption fatigue'. Every morning when you switch on the news there is a virtual tsunami of negative stories. Just how much more bad news can the average person take? We are being bombarded from all sides with chaos and confusion.

At the same time you might have noticed that during some of the darkest days, when the newspapers were absolutely brimming with doom and gloom, the JSE had been recording record highs. Do savvy investors know something we don't? The short answer is yes. They know that you never let a good crisis go to waste. They are acting in what is called a 'counter-intuitive' manner. This means they go against popular sentiment and take a calculated risk.

Now what has this got to do with property. Like all investments, property has a lot to do with timing. I cannot recall ever seeing so much value on the local market. There are bargains galore. There are hundreds of beautiful homes for sale at very reasonable prices.

I have even seen a shift in the bank's behaviour. I had three clients receive 100% bonds in the past eight weeks. That is about as rare as finding a unicorn playing with Elvis in your back garden.

It could just be that in a couple of year's people will be saying 'I should have bought in early 2018'. In good or bad times a property is an important part of your investment portfolio. It grows in value AND you can actually live in it and enjoy it. There is no feeling in the world like waking up on a warm summer morning, making your mug of coffee and walking barefoot onto your lawn. Feeling the grass between your toes and the warmth on your face and thinking 'this is mine, my own place in the sun'. Yes these are challenging times but they are also full of great opportunity, if you are counter-intuitive.